Intimacy Through Self, Breath, and
The Divine

Hello, I'm Michelle.

I am a Self-Love &
Embodiment Coach.

What do I offer?

Combining philosophies of yoga, tantra, and my understanding in psychology, I help women break-down their barriers so they may discover and embody  the magnitude of all that they are destined to be. I specialize in gaining awareness in the body, consciousness in the mind, mindfulness in the breath, and playing with powerful energy. I am here to provide women with the necessary tools to heal themselves and activate their full potential in a fun, intuitive, and effective way.


I desire to help you unlock your true potential.


You will learn to cultivate awareness by reaching out to face, love, honor, and shift through the various layers of your Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Body


Pranic Energy, Life Force,Chi. This is the power source that circulates through you and brings vitality into your being. You will learn ancient breathing techniques to expand, manipulate, and control your energy.

The Divine

Higher Self, Source, God-Like Energy - You will understand & feel the undeniable connection, love, and protection that Universally surrounds you.


My Happy Clients!

Michelle Quiros met me where I was on my journey and through her passion, focused connection, light energy, and honest and candid vulnerability, played a crucial role for me to not only accept my spirituality and sexuality, but instead to embrace it, to love it, to live it and to go out and help others to do the same. With her beaming bright smile and her soft loving energy she inspired me and helped encourage me to push myself past old boundaries and to explore and adore the world as it is without expectation.
- Elijah N

Consultations are free!

It’s time to step in to your deepest truth and live an authentic, prolific life.