A Touch of Magic!

“Encourager, listener & holder of space. Michelle’s healing was apparent from the moment we met years ago. There’s an ocean between us but it doesn’t stunt her ability to carve out time and serve our sisterhood when I need it – even when I don’t think I do. She’s a constant teacher in my life. If you’re looking for support to reconnect with self and sensuality, she’s here.”

-Ronae F

“Michelle Q. is a phenomenal instructor because she is first a great listener. She cares about everyone she meets, and genuinely listens as they divulge their story to her. When I first met Michelle, I had recently ended a very toxic relationship that left me broken. I poured everything into the relationship, and had forgotten how to love myself. Michelle first helped me by providing positive stability. Although younger than myself, Michelle is full of lessons and wisdom well beyond her years. Michelle had recently begun her journey of sexual empowerment, and she was very insistent that I show myself love in every form of the word. I was in such a low point that I felt undeserving of anything, especially an orgasm or a reliable friend. It took time, but she was patient with me. She knew the struggle I was living, which made her so much easier to talk to and to believe. Whether it was encouraging me to write down goals to manifest, or walking me through certain yoga positions to alleviate aches and pains- Michelle has always provided support that betters me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Now I can say that it’s a beautiful thing to have overcome that dark period in my life, and have a friend to thank for helping me.

Even before formally initiating her practice of yoga and meditation, Michelle exuded confidence and compassion. Now, she’s been to various workshops, month-long retreats on secluded islands, and devoted countless hours to her craft. The combination of her training and her passion to help others, is what sets her practice above the rest. If you trust your soul and your lifestyle to Michelle, you will find yourself a more confident human with a more fluid body and an open heart.” 

-Lindsay J

“Words can not adequately describe the knowledge Michelle has given me through her practice and guidance. One thing I thank her for is introducing me to the yoni egg. It has helped me become more sexually activated, and it has improve my pelvic strength! Before learning from her coaching, I had never felt more powerfully connected to my mind, body and sexuality.”

-Johana Q

“I met Michelle in my YTT course in 2018 and her presence felt so big in our small space. She immediately felt like an old soul that knew much more than her young temple suggested. Some time later, after learning that Michelle was a Tantra guru and feminine experience enthusiast and student I shared my experiences, sexually and in intimacy. I told her things I’ve never shared with anyone and without judgement and with lots of love she shared with me tools to begin my search for intimacy, separate from a partner. Tools that are now helping me continue to find myself.  Those parts of me that in lots of ways have been unknown to me all my life. These jewels she has given me have stayed with me and enabled me to have a point of reference on this journey forward, into myself.  

Thank you, Michelle.”

-C Lynne

“Michelle Quiros met me where I was on my journey and through her passion, focused connection, light energy, and honest and candid vulnerability, played a crucial role for me to not only accept my spirituality and sexuality, but instead to embrace it, to love it, to live it and to go out and help others to do the same. With her beaming bright smile and her soft, loving energy she inspired me and helped encourage me to push myself past old boundaries and to explore and adore the world as it is without expectation. Michelle always pushes me to answer the hard questions as true to myself as possible and has never been afraid to challenge a statement or belief stemming from her own passionate confidence. She is a leader, a teacher, an artist, a model, a muse, an inspiration, a goddess and a friend.”

-Eli N


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